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While being overwhelmed with the ICT learning experiences, keep thinking, surfing and surfing… I saw someone post on digital video has reminded me about my niece, 3 year-old kid who know to manipulate the iPhone camera. She is able to focus an object and capture. There are many photo applications for us to upload our much-loved photos such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and etc.

So I have found a helpful post written by The Infinity Thinking Machine that give me an idea to enhance teaching and learning in the class environment. By using the tools and applications, students can take photos that happened during the class activities which is memorable and special events perhaps. Then, they can write a short caption and share the photos to be uploaded. I like these ideas as it’s integrated art, creativity and language too.



The Prac

I really enjoy to learning together with the children. Yes, I am teaching the children while I am learning too, as this is the first attempt given opportunities to integration of ICT lesson in the classroom. The school not often implement the use of ICT in the classroom, however, the materials that equipped such as camera and computers. Struggling, struggling, struggling… How to carry out the lesson? To benefit maximum the children. To have the children learn better. That’s a big challenge!

Apart from that, another difficulty I was facing – class management. Maybe I am a temporary teacher/ new teacher/ practical teacher, the children tend to bully and pay no attention to the new teacher. Nevertheless, I am surviving! Hope that I can improve my class management skill and integrate ICT in the future! 

There are different ICT component at a different school. Somehow or other, from different component, we can notice how it’s able to engage the students in their learning. Like Rebecca, she has access to the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard and found valuable tool to assist in bringing real world experiences into her teaching during PE. However, there is no Interactive Whiteboard at school.

The majority of Malaysia kindergarten schools doesn’t integrate Internet White Board (IWB) into teaching and learning because this device is quite expensive and not all the schools able to afford it.

The lady luck was smiling at me. I am lucky like some of the mates to get the placement that equip with IWB. Therefore, I have adequate knowledge about it. However, I wish to explore further about it after seeing Amy blogging about IWB. I found that it was so interesting and to improve the use of IWB in my class to manipulate this device.

If you have limited knowledge too, you might interested in the video below too. It provides an idea for the use of IWB in early childhood context. 

Kindergarten Interactive White Board Use




If someone asking me about my feeling right now, I would say that I am very nervous indeed meanwhile I am looking forward the result I will get for my assignment 2. There was a delay in the marking of my assignment. When I read the fellow blogger Anouk and Leesa talk about their result, I was nervous, very nervous! However, I still have to face the reality.

Ok. It’s time to KEEP CALM AND BE POSITIVE. Like what the quote stated. We could hardly to change the fact, nonetheless, we able to think and be positive to make positive happens! So, don’t keep spinning on the same place. Please step forward.

I am happy for those who gained great mark in their assignment. Also, I wish those fellow friends who are unpleasant with their marks, work hard and work smart in the next assignment – Assignment 3! Wish us ALL THE BEST! Cheers 🙂


PE, I’m coming!

This coming Monday is the first day of my Professional Experience (PE). A new class environment, new students, new teachers and stuffs. I am worried and anxious, but feeling excited at the same time. I have been through few practicum before. What’s the difference for this PE is I need to integrate ICT into teaching and learning. This is such a challenging mission for me.

We are born in the 21st century. We are capable to operate the ICT.

Do we know how to teach our students with the use of technology?

Besides worrying about the ICT in the class, there are things that I need to consider too. Children’s background, ICT resources, class schedule and so on.

I visited the school and met my mentor. However, what happens I will experience during my first day PE? (Hmm..) Here are my fellow courmate Ruby’s PE meet up and No mentor on Monday.

Also, some useful articles for pre-service teacher to read:

Australian Journal of Teacher Education 

The Role of Preservice Teacher


World without internet

Can you imagine if you have no more internet?
Nowadays, many things are integrated with the internet, it link between. This is the era used of information technology. Using all the information for better improvement and make our things easier to be done.
Regarding to business dictionary, an Internet means of connecting a computer to any other computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers. When two computers are connected over the internet, they can send and receive all kinds of information such as document, audio, video, image, program and more.
Just imagine what the world will be if without internet, look what is around us. A mobile phone, connecting to internet via WIFI or mobile data service. A computer, connect to internet via WIFI or LAN. IPtv, CCTV, and more. For people like me who are using the internet frequently, the life will be bored to die like jumping into a black box.
For me, the first things that I will do when I was at home is to boot up my laptop and browsing the Facebook, one of the most famous social networks to see what is the update around my friends. And also, I need internet to access study desk, to blog, to search information and a host of others. I can’t imagine that if I have no internet suddenly.
There are many CANNOT in my dictionary if without internet.
I cannot video call with my friends around the world.
I cannot read any update news through social network.
I cannot online search for the reading materials that I like.
I cannot share information with my friends.
I cannot remote my home CCTV.
There is so many cannot for me without the internet.

BUT, I can read a newspaper. I can read textbooks. I can talk to my friend face to face.
I can…
I can…

What is Connect.ed? It is an innovative, self-paced online Cybersmart education program that offers teachers the knowledge, confidence and resources to help students stay safe online.

When I access Connect.ed there have 4 modules which included:

– Social network sites (Facebook, Myspace)

– Video Interviews (With experts)

– Surveys & case studies

– Teachers’ self-reflection

After completed the modules, it gives me an idea to do in my professional experience is to allow the students to develop the knowledge of digital citizenship and understand the cyber safety using technology tools. The tools such as Kidblog, Microsoft programs and so on. Besides of safety and health using the technologies, I think that students should also learn the copyright issue as well.

I found that this online learning course (Cybersmart) is very useful for teacher to allow children to be safe online. It provides a variety of information and education program. There has a ‘Toolbox’ that allows the educators to download and use during our teaching and learning in the classroom. Teacher, it’s time to bring our new generations into a safe digital world!

If you are keen to know what others are thinking about Connect.ed, you can access to the fellow students interesting blogs:

Lauren’s blog – CONNECT.ED WEEK 10

Kathleen’s blog – Cybersmart



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